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Applications still open for September 2024.

Our Musical
Theatre Courses



B.A (Hons)
Musical Theatre

3 Year Programme

Unlock your potential with our BA (Hons) Professional Musical Theatre degree. Our three year program offers a comprehensive education in all aspects of musical theatre, including technical performance, creative development, and critical thinking. You'll gain the knowledge and experience needed to take your talent to the next level and have the opportunity to build your skills while receiving feedback from experienced professionals.


Musical Theatre

3 Year Programme

Our comprehensive Diploma in Musical Theatre Practice program is perfect if you're looking to take your performing arts career to the next level. With a focus on critical thinking, individual training, and creative development, our students are equipped with the skills to express themselves through the power of musical theatre. Join us today and discover a whole new world of possibilities.


BA (Hons) Diploma Extension Programme -RPL

1 Year Programme

Our RPL - One year Professional Musical Theatre degree offers a unique opportunity for individuals who have already completed a three-year diploma to further explore their passion for musical theatre and enhance their skills in a more critical and professional environment. Join our program and gain the knowledge and experience you need to excel in your career.

ACTING Component

Acting Technique is based around development of the fundamental skills of acting and understanding character. This is achieved through studying practitioners such as Stanislavsky, Chekhov, Hagen, Melin, and employing ideas into acting exercises and techniques.


We believe that acting underpins everything for a musical theatre performer, therefore regular practical group lessons and workshops are scheduled with an emphasis on skill acquisition and character experimentation, as well as building critical analytical skills.

Acting modules aim to provide students with opportunities to learn:

  • The building blocks of the art of acting,

  • How to improvise truthfully,

  • Sight-reading skills,

  • Play reading,

  • Objective self-assessment,

  • How to create a character,

  • And the importance of the ensemble.


Additionally, opportunities are provided for students to work

with professional practitioners, to explore associated dramatic skills beyond assessed classes which may include circus,

mime, combat, clowning, and green screen.

ROM Theatre Arts Musical theatre students working in rehearsal

vocal compoNent

The study of singing technique will provide students with an in-depth anatomical and practical knowledge of vocal production, as related to singing.

Rom Theatre Arts Degree and Diploma Students Sing in Performance

Individual singing lessons are programmed for all students along with small group singing classes to provide platforms in which students will learn and apply principles of vocal anatomy and voice production, as well as develop individual vocal skill and confidence.


Students participate in practical classes, in which they learn a range of technical skills through progressive exercises and tasks which explore and enhance the fundamentals of good vocal production.

Our students develop:

  • Critical and analytical skills within personal practice application and awareness of the voice.

  • Exploration skills and individual application of them to work at their optimum.

  • Practices encompassing vocal safety.


All while exploring various vocal styles and genres of musical theatre and its associated work.



Dance at ROM Theatre Arts encompasses the idioms of Jazz, Ballet and Tap as desired professional skills for the professional Musical Theatre Performer.

Students participate in practical classes in which physical skills and approaches are worked upon while exploring personal artistry and performative skills to become well-rounded performers.


Throughout the course, students develop their technical aptitude and understanding as they reveal how they are able to apply their own individual self to each separate dance genre to build towards mastery of the subject.

Exploration of work happens under the direction of specialist dance tutors, where skills learnt prepare students for auditions and performances.


Alongside regular technical classes, students are introduced to a range of additional professional practitioners, dance leaders and movement specialists to facilitate exploration of a range of contexts, styles and experiences beyond the assessed skills.

This can include commercial, dance for film, whacking, lyrical, contemporary and other dance stylistics.

ROM Theatre Arts Musical theatre student dance
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